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Friday, May 12 • 8:00pm - Saturday, May 13 •12:00am
Principia Mathemagica: The Secret Council of 1688

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Limited Capacity seats available

-Principia Mathemagica is a historical fiction/fantasy LARP set in a continent on the brink of both the Glorious and the Scientific Revolution. Expect a game of eccentric (and mostly real) rulers, including some of history's most colorful characters, set against a backdrop of international negotiations, courtly intrigue, ancient cyphers, and escalating magic. Based primarily around social interaction, simple treaty mechanics, several political elections, and a historically-researched system of Math Duels for those few scientists vying for the favor of the Royal Society, it should offer character roles for beginners and veteran social gamers alike.-

It's the summer of 1688—a good time for Christian Europe, both scientifically and religiously. The Ottoman Empire has been beaten back at Vienna and Belgrade, England is ruled once again by a Catholic king, and brilliant mathematicians Newton and Leibniz have just published world-changing treatises on calculus. But under the surface, darker things are brewing... and not just from the threat of a continent-wide war.

In an unprecedented move, Pope Innocentius XI has called for a secret
gathering of the leaders of the Christian world. Why? It seems that the Vatican has been sitting on something important and dangerous for half a century. Secrets of the Templars? A newly discovered book of the bible? The prevailing rumor, though, is that when Galileo Galilei was arrested by the Inquisition in 1634, they confiscated his writings, and found within those a set of mathematical, scientific rules governing the creation and control of a strange force he called "magicae." And with the 17th century ending in a blaze of technological progress, the scientific community is getting dangerously close to uncovering these secrets... or so the rumors go.

And indeed, a number of notable philosophers and inventors have curiously been invited as well. The guest list is practically a who's-who of Europe: from Louis XIV of France to Peter the Great, from the inventors of calculus to the fathers of steam power. Word is in the air that the Pope is about to issue a world-changing proclamation...But this is also the largest gathering of European rulers in a century, and a lot of people are looking forward to do business at the conference, of both the official and unsavory sort.

So just what, exactly, are these secrets of Galileo's—and what will the
world's leaders decide to do with them? Will Leibniz kill Newton in a
duel? Are the dreadful rumors surrounding the Henri Jules, Prince of
Condé really true? Are the Knights Templar really gone? And where,
exactly, is Liechtenstein?

This is a four-hour theater LARP for anywhere from 20-45 players (with a larger cast incorporating more of Europe). Players/characters will be assigned via a brief questionnaire of player preferences, leading to the distribution of character motivation and historical context documents, though this process should be simple enough to incorporate last-minute additions until the start of game. Please don't hesitate to contact the GMs if you have any questions.

*Note to Con organizers: Principia is a rebuild of a game previously and successfully several years ago at Brown University's ProCon 2011. Characters would ideally be distributed based on a short player/plot survey, with character motivations, game mechanics, and historical context summaries already in existence for up to 45 players. This would be ideally a night-time game, to provide a bit of flexibility on time (the GM for this has run several 40-50 person LARPS before, but never been to WyrdCon, and is not sure of the pace things move at).

Also wasn't sure what to put for materials reimbursements; but I'm anticipating around $50 of printing and nametag costs, and wouldn't mind recouping them if that's an option*


Friday May 12, 2017 8:00pm - Saturday May 13, 2017 12:00am
Pacific Ballroom 1 3050 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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